A Little About Me:

There are some things I can’t do much about. Beauty? It’s all in the genetics. Athleticism? Who doesn’t want to be an Olympic athlete this week? The nation’s financial crisis? I can do my duty as a citizen and pay close attention to the candidates in the next election. Becoming a better writer? Yes! With hard work and determination, I can. 

Although I’m not always patient, I consider myself a pretty good parent to my teenage children and an understanding wife to my husband. I’m organized and efficient, with determination and a strong work ethic. I like to read and write, obviously, and I keep my sanity by swimming a mile every day.

I’m in the process of having my first novel, Saving Ben, edited, and like so many of you, I’ve created this blog in the hopes of generating an Internet presence. Although I’m fascinated by the ever-evolving world of self-publication, I plan to seek representation by a literary agent first. As I explore the ins and outs of both traditional and non-traditional publication, I will chart my progress and share my discoveries on Chronicles. I hope you will join me on my journey. 


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