I wrote my synopsis. Admittedly, it’s a long way from being polished, but hey, it’s start.

I’m not a procrastinator by nature, but I had a difficult time making myself sit down and write this synopsis. After all, it’s a daunting process, to sum up your 300-page novel in three pages or less. Once I set aside a block of time and wrapped my mind around the task at hand, I got it done. Tell yourself, “You can do this!” Because you can!

My summation was generalized, not chapter by chapter as recommended. Three pages is plenty. Many literary agents don’t ask for a synopsis upfront, but when they do ask for one, my feeling is they want it to be brief.

I will edit it several times a day until it’s polished, but I can relax a little just knowing the worst is over. Until the next novel is written.



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