I Started a New Project . . .

Although it’s more accurate to say I’m reworking an old one. Legend of a Rock Star is the first novel I wrote, a manuscript I abandoned two years ago when my first queries were rejected. With three different points of view and a forty-year time span, the manuscript was too much for a beginner. Needless to say, I learned a lot from my drafts. I wrote it in past tense and then changed it to present tense. I started with alternating first-person points of view, switched to third person, and then changed back to alternating again. I poured my heart out to these pages for two years, and then I set it aside to let it simmer.

With two additional years of practicing under my belt, I have more confidence in my writing and I can see things clearer. Legend is a great story with vivid characters who have lived on with me during the writing of Saving Ben. They have grown with me and changed as I have changed. After aging for twenty-four months, they are wiser and stronger. They have pointed out the weaknesses in my plot and they are ready to tell their story. My fingers are flying across the keyboard, and I am having a ball! This, my friends, is why we write.


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