Update on NaNoWriMo

Admittedly, I’ve gotten off to a slower start with NaNoWriMo than expected. After spending three days with my daughter for parents’ weekend at her college, I needed a day to recover, a day to catch up with my life, and a day to procrastinate in anticipation of election night returns. My current word count is 5101. At this rate, I’ll never make it to 50,000 by month’s end. Fortunately, I set realistic goals. I’m not trying to win. I’m trying to make as much headway as possible in the first draft of my new project. That’s the beauty in NaNoWriMo. You can tailor the program to fit your own needs.

The concept of NaNoWriMo is brilliant. Every year more and more writers, published and unpublished, use this time to challenge themselves to write as much as possible, as many words as they can crank out, in thirty days. Clearly the program facilitators are not women with large families to entertain for Thanksgiving; otherwise they would have never picked November as THE month. Nevertheless, I aim to see it through until the end. For one reason. For someone like me who writes for thirty minutes and then edits for three hours, having to focus on the word count forces me to free-flow write. I can describe in great detail a character or the setting; and even if I end of deleting much of what I’ve written, because of the exercise, my story will be stronger. I will understand my characters better. Whether I make it to 10,000 words or to 50,000 words, I’ll still consider myself a winner because I achieve my own goals.


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