Donation Day at Nanowrimo

Today is donation day at Nanowrimo, and you can better believe I’m making my contribution. Nanowrimo has done more for my writing than any webinar or online class I’ve attended in the past two years. Focusing on the word count has forced me to write as much as possible without stopping after every chapter to edit. I’ve written more description of my characters and settings, and more lines of dialogue, than I will ever need. But in January, after I’ve set the manuscript aside to simmer while I prepare for the Christmas holiday, I’ll have so much material to work with in my first round of editing.

I’m a plotter by nature, and while I’m still using my basic outline as a guide, for the past two weeks I’ve been writing like a panster. My characters are waking me in the night with great plot ideas and consuming my every thought during the day. I have set them free, and they are telling me their story. And I’m not surprised that their tale is better than mine. This creative aspect of writing is the fun part, the one that gets lost during the tedious process of editing.

From now on, I will make the time for Nanowrimo. I will set aside whatever I’m working on and create a new project. Because at the end of the day, or the month in this case, I will be a better writer.

Kudos Nanowrimo!


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