Self-Publishing in 2013


To say I’m happy to see 2012 in my rearview mirror would be an understatement. With aging parents and spirited teenagers, the past twelve months have been challenging. Most days I wandered around aimlessly without the heart to accomplish more than simple household chores. A new beginning couldn’t come at a better time for me. My desk is organized, my inbox is empty, my children are back in school, and my list of resolutions is posted on my bulletin board. I am committed to being a better parent and taking better care of my body. But at the top of my list of goals for 2013 is to self-publish my novel.

 Saving Ben is polished and edited. I have received standard rejection e-mails from all twelve of the literary agents I queried. I don’t blame the literary agents. They receive hundreds of queries every week and only contract with one or two new clients every year. I doubt even Hemingway could have competed in that environment. And you don’t need to say it. I’ve heard all the stories about writers who finally connect with their agent on their 75th query. This route just isn’t for me. The more disenchanted I become with traditional publishing, the more intrigued I am by the evolving world of self-publishing. Intimidated? Yes. But I’ve never shied away from a challenge in my life.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I explore options for distribution, tackle formatting issues, and take on social media for promotion.


9 thoughts on “Self-Publishing in 2013

  1. Ashley, I wish you all the best! Since you visited my blog, you know I’ve just completed the self-publishing process (the publishing part, anyway). I never bothered with the publishing companies. If you need someone to help you with formatting (I found CreateSpace’s print-on-demand formatting too much to handle), let me know and I’ll give you the name of an excellent woman with reasonable prices. Good luck!

    • Hey Amy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your post. I’ve almost finished formatting my novel for Create Space, although I have yet to submit it to them. I’m terrified they will send it back with a thousand formatting errors, at which time I will certainly get that name from you. As I said in my post, I’m not at all opposed to paying someone to help me. As far as marketing your novel, I’ve been reading Catherine Ryan Howard’s Self-Printed 2.0. She has some very helpful tips on all things related to self-publishing, including getting reviews. Have you traveled that path yet?

      • My book came back from CreateSpace a bunch of times with further errors, so I realized I was spending too much time on it. Let me give you Ellen’s info now, in case you need her or know someone who does: Ellen Maze She’s great, and a fun person to work with.
        I do need to market my book, reluctant as I am! The only promoting I’m doing at the moment is on social media. I looked up Howard’s book on Amazon…it’s the second edition, right?

  2. So maybe I’ll go ahead and contact Ellen! Yes, Howard’s book is the second edition. I’m actually planning to raffle two copies of Self-Printed next week. I ordered them from Barnes and Noble, but I just got a message that they are not available. I’ve ordered them from Amazon. Hope there won’t be a problem. It’s a great how-to on everything related to self-publishing and social media.

    • I’m reading about the book on Amazon right now, and it sounds more like something I should have bought before I started rather than now, unless there’s lots of info about marketing. The other thing is that I can’t do book release parties or anything where I have to be physically present because my book is in English (mostly for a US market), but I live in Brazil! I’m translating it into Portuguese, but that’s going to take forever… 🙂
      So what do you think…would it still be worthwhile to read the book?

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