Ugh! Formatting.


I spent three days last week formatting my manuscript, my 265-page word document, for Create Space. I learned so much about margins and tabs and first-line indents, I feel like a tech genius. Not. Although I did learn one very valuable tool I will use from now on. If you use tab stops to begin your paragraphs, you will eventually have to rid your document of them before you can format. Click on the ¶ in your header, and you can see the formatting in your document. A blue arrow before a paragraph indicates a tab stop.

I’m not here to offer advice on how to format. I ended up with what I hope is an acceptable document for Create Space, but I really have no idea how I got there. I will, however, share with you some of my resources. I have posted a resource page in the header of my blog. Throughout this self-publishing process, as I discover helpful links, I will continue to add them to this list.

It’s a rainy day in Virginia. Thankfully I have the perfect novel for curling up with by the fire. Saving Ben. That’s right. I have printed my manuscript from my Create Space PDF file, and will read through Saving Ben for the millionth time. Words always look different on paper. One of the many intimidating facets about self-publishing is that you have only yourself to blame for any formatting or grammatical errors that appear in your novel.


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