Best Book Club Ever


We are the WELLS—the West End Ladies Literary Society—although I often refer to us as the Drink of the Month Club because we love to sip our wine. Founded nearly fifteen years ago, our group started out with six members but quickly grew to seventeen before settling in with a comfortable dozen. Seven or eight times a year, two members will host us for dinner; those same two members will also select the book we are to read before the next meeting. Our book discussions last anywhere from five minutes to thirty, depending on how much we like the book and how long we can stop chatting about the other goings-on in our lives.

Collectively, we represent seven states. We are either native Richmonders, married to native Richmonders, or both. One of our beloved members is living for a short time in England. We are friends, sisters-in-law, and co-workers. We are teachers, librarians, interior designers, real estate agents, event organizers, and community volunteers. Some of us have children in lower school, others in college. We go to the movies and out to dinner together. And once a year we invite our husbands for a co-ed Christmas party. We offer each other parenting advice, gardening pointers, and decorating tips. We share recipes—even had our own recipe book once, though I’d be hard pressed to get my hands on a copy. The list of books we’ve read is long. The list of books we want to read is even longer. We are not without drama, every group of women has their share, but we are bound together forever by our love of books.

Going forward, at least twice a month, I’m planning a WELLS Wednesday on Chronicles to showcase the books we are talking about as well as the ones we are reading. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even share a recipe or two!



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