2 Free Copies of Self-Printed 2.0



When I decided to self-publish my novel, the first thing I did was search for a handbook that provided step-by-step instruction. I’m a big believer in how-to manuals. I turn to instruction books for anything from learning to use software programs to better understanding penalty calls. Football for Dummies. Now that’s a handy little guide.

With the self-publishing world in a state of flux, I wanted a guide that offered the most current content available. Self-Printed: A Sane Person’s Guide to Self-Publishing is both engaging and informative. Catherine Ryan Howard serves up-to-date information on a plate of honesty with a side order of humor.

As my daughter’s cell phone is to her right hand, Self-Printed is now an appendage of my left. I’m thumbing through the pages as we speak, searching for the section on blog giveaways. Yep there it is. Catherine Ryan Howard offers her experience and expertise on everything from formatting your manuscript for print and e-book distribution to promoting your novel via social media.

Hint: I advise you to read all the way through once and then go back and study each section as you begin to follow her steps.

Here’s how you win:

1) Tweet this blog post

2) Follow me on Twitter 

3) Come back here and let me know you’ve done both in the comments

The contest will run through Sunday, January 27. Winners will be announced on Monday.


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