Book Review . . . Light Between Oceans


In preparation for our January meeting, the WELLS have been reading The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. Although the beginning was a little slow for me, I award this novel a rare-for-me five stars.

When Tom Sherbourne returns to Australia from four years at war, he accepts a job as lighthouse keeper and moves his new bride, Isabel, to the deserted island of Janis Rock. After two miscarriages and a stillborn, Izzy stumbles upon a boat that has washed up on the beach. Inside the boat, she finds a dead man and a baby wrapped in a woman’s shawl. Assuming the baby’s mother has drowned, Izzy does what any woman with strong maternal instincts would do. She raises the child as her own. Facing the biggest moral dilemma of his life, Tom must choose between doing the right thing and keeping his family together.

A beautiful story from beginning to end, with a plot packed full of surprises, The Light Between Oceans belongs on my shelf of all-time favorites. I was sorry to see it end.


2 thoughts on “Book Review . . . Light Between Oceans

  1. Ashley – beautiful review! Coincidentally my mother recommended it to me yesterday, so trusting the critique of
    the two of y’all, it MUST be a compelling read.

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