Make the Most of Time

I’m going to take a break from promoting my Write-A-Thon to participate in the IndiesForward Blog-A-Thon.


Author, photographer and creative spirit Julie Forward DeMay took on her fight with cervical cancer like she was playing for the new high score in her favorite video game, Asteroids. Inspiring, witty, beautiful and brutally honest, The Cell War Notebooks is a compilation of the blog Julie kept during the last seven months of her life. It’s a powerful read for anyone, whether your life has been touched by cancer or not. Check out the paperback on Amazon and keep up with the latest news on Facebook. All proceeds from book sales go to Julie’s nine year-old daughter. 


I am often humbled by those who show grace and dignity when facing great hardship. When I read about Julie Forward DeMay on Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog this morning, I felt the need to pause and give thanks for all the blessings in my life. And I was reminded of my brother, Neal, who like Julie lost his life before he had a chance to really live it. In some ways, I feel a weird responsibility to them to make the most use of my time. As if I can make up for the time they were robbed of.

For more information about Julie:


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