The Short Story Lives

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The only Stephen King novel I ever read was 11/22/63which I enjoyed quite a bit despite the 849 pages. Upon the recommendation of an avid-reader friend of mine, I recently added The Stand to my want-to-read list. Are you a Stephen King fan? If so, what are your favorite novels?

I read Stephen King’s memoir, On Writingseveral years back. Not only does he offer plenty of  how-to writing advice, he shares the intimate details of his experiences with drug and alcohol abuse as well as his battle with the physical pain he suffered from an accident that nearly claimed his life. Let’s listen now to Stephen King talk a little about the short story and how it relates to aspiring novelists.

Stephen King on Reading Short Stories

Stephen King on Writing Short Stories


I’m one of those writers King referred to who dove head first into the quagmire of writing a novel. What is your experience with the short story?


My word count total to date is 3763. Surprisingly, I’m a little ahead of my goal, especially considering I took the day off yesterday to drive up and have lunch with my daughter, who is away at college.

Today’s prize is a paperback copy of Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the CraftThis prize goes to the writer with the most words to date, using February 1st as the start date. You have until midnight tonight to enter you name and word count in the comments. The winner will be announced by noon tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “The Short Story Lives

  1. Congrats Avad Fan! I wasn’t sure if I needed to stop at midnight your time, or mine. lol. Time zones. (I’m in Hawaii. 5 hrs behind East Coast. 2 hours behind the Pacific. If you’re somewhere in-between, I have no idea.) I just counted writing that I did which was creative. So far that puts me at: 3185, which is really exciting given I hadn’t written on this novel since NaNoWriMo.

  2. Thanks for the Stephen King clips. ON Writing is one of my favourite books. I couldn’t possibly nominate a favourite but the last one I read was Just AFter Sunset whiic I reviewed on Goodreads. I’ve been writing short stories for 15 years. Over 50 of them and 20 have been published. My second novel has just been released by Artema Press. I love reading and writing short stories and totally agree with King’s comments.

    • Congratulations on your second novel. Please share your title and/or the link to your Goodreads author page so we can become fans! 😉

      In what ways do you feel like your short-story writing has enhanced your novel writing?

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