Writing Challenge


Can you write 400 words in 15 minutes?

Find out and enter to win the Krispy Kreme prizes below

  • Retreat to your quiet writing place
  • Take a minute for you mind to settle into your WIP
  • Set your timer for 15 minutes
  • Write like crazy
  • Try as many times as you like. You’ll keep getting better and better

I tried this exercise several times over the weekend. I didn’t make it beyond 400 words on my first attempt, but every other time I was in the 430s. The timer, clicking away beside me, helped me to stay focused. I may use this tactic more regularly from now on.

On a similar note, pmkester, one of our fellow Writer-A-Thoners, mentioned #writeclub, which is a twitter column facilitated by @FriNightWrites every Friday night from 8pm-2am EST. The idea is to encourage one another to write as much as possible in 30-minute writing sprints. (This is all the information I could find about #writeclub from Twitter. If I’m misinformed, pmkester, or if you’d like to share more information about #writeclub, please let me know.)

Enter your name and word count in the comments between now and midnight on Thursday, February 7. The winner in this contest is NOT the person who can write the most words in 15 minutes. Everyone who submits their name and a word count in the comments will be entered in drawing and selected at random by Random.org.

The winner will be posted on Friday morning.




Krispy Kreme $10.00 gift card


Bag of Krispy Kreme House Blend Coffee


Krispy Kreme Travel Mug

This is a package deal. The winner will receive all three prizes.


13 thoughts on “Writing Challenge

  1. I made an attempt and I’m proud of myself, of course I was pretty inspired to do this so I got 663 words in 15 minutes. Even more funny is that I typed a full stop just when my stop watch beeped, so I had even finished a paragraph by the 15th minute, on the spot.

      • I think it’s a matter of inspiration, if you’re inspired, words just sort of flow, if not, forget it… go get some biscuits and a cup of tea and let your mind wander into the story… at least, that’s my case!!!

  2. All your information is correct about #writeclub. I tend to better with the 15 minute and 30 minute bursts. Sometimes 1k1hr can be a little much for me! Usually I average about 400 words in 15 minutes:)

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