Getting to Know You


If we are going to be a real writers’ community, we should probably get to know one another better. I am in awe of the global world in which we live. The concept of a group of people coming together from all around the world to share a common interest in writing is mind-boggling to me. I will show my age here, but I remember a time when we had one telephone in the house and our television was as big as our Buick station wagon. The first computer I ever worked on was in college and it looked something like this:


There was certainly no Internet to connect you to a thousand people at once.

Please fill out the survey below and share a little about yourself. No worries, we won’t get too personal. Most of the questions relate to writing. Note: this is a BRIEF survey, unlike the e-mail surveys we all receive every time we shop online these days. I will leave this survey open until midnight next Friday, February 15. I will share the results with you the following Sunday in Chronicles’s Week in Review.

Click on the link below to take my survey

If you missed yesterday’s post, you still have time to participate in writing challenge?


3 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. This is an interesting survey, though my writing genre could be YA or Fantasy. Or even just fiction, it all depends on how my characters continue telling me their story. It’s not racy or sexy, but it is adventurous and fantastic which makes it complicated to define… and then there’s sub-genres… I chose the most general of these three, YA, I hope it really ends up being that!!!! LOL

    • I’m not a big fan of genre-profiling anyway. Because my novel fits in several, and the one it fits the most even recognized as a genre. New Adult. I think YA is broken down into all the genres listed as well, so you could go with YA fantasy. There wasn’t enough space to list them all. Thanks for taking the survey.

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