Camp NaNoWriMo



I’m sure you’ve probably heard me complain about the timing of NaNoWriMo. Like who has time to write a 50,000-word novel in November, right before the holidays? Well there’s good news for all turkey-cooking, holiday-shopping writers. NaNoWriMo has a camp. That’s right. For 2013, the NaNoWriMo folks will host a camp in April and then again in July. I’m packing my gear. Thank you fellow write-a-thoner, RLMcKeown, for the news flash.

The camp version is very much the same as the November program. The target word count is still 50,000. You track your own progress, have online support, and it’s free to all participants. You even get your choice of cabin mates: pick your own or be grouped with like-minded writers. Click on the 2012 Participant badge below to sign up:


If you haven’t already . . .

Complete the James Scott Bell exercise and enter a drawing for a giveaway.

Complete the Getting to Know You survey.


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