Goings and Comings


This little guy stole the hearts of many during the Super Bowl on Sunday night. And oh, what a game it was. Power outages, Beyoncé, and a record-breaking 108-yard kickoff return touchdown scored by Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens at the beginning of the second half. But that’s all Super Bowl news. Here’s a replay of what happened at Chronicles.

Week in Review:

Monday: The Short Story Lives

Tuesday: How Does Your Novel End? 

Wednesday: Writing Challenge

Thursday: Getting to Know You

Friday: Write What Readers Want

Saturday: Camp NaNoWriMo

Coming up Next Week:

I could lay it all out for you, but then that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? It’s LOVE week, and to give you a break from your writing, I have lots of surprises planned for you in celebration of Valentine’s Day. This is one week you do NOT want to miss.

Stayed tuned the following week for a very special guest. On Monday, February 18, Rochelle Melander, The Write Now! Coach, will not only share her secrets and successes but also give away a copy of Write-A-Thon to one lucky write-a-thoner.

Be sure to spread the word to all your writer friends . . .

The Write-A-Thon is happening now at Chronicles!

If you haven’t already, be sure to complete the Getting to Know You survey. The survey will be live until next Friday night, February 15, at midnight. The results will be posted a week from today, in next week’s Goings and Comings.


The winner of the James Scott Bell contest is


(Please send me your mailing address at ashleyatchronicles@gmail.com)

Thanks to all who shared their thoughts on writing what your reader wants.


Post them in the comments. I want to know how everyone is doing! At 8345, I’m slightly behind on my target word count. Although I haven’t been doing as much writing, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my WIP. This week I hope to rock-n-roll.


8 thoughts on “Goings and Comings

  1. I’m on 10007 words, I need to get on the roll today so I can get up to speed. I’m needing to do a re-write after this because I’ve realized some chapters need more bits and pieces, but if I go back to work on that now, I fear I’ll get stuck and won’t move forward.

  2. I’m currently on 13 022 and winding down for the evening (Asian time). I’ve also just finished a story (a short one, though) and am now working on my novel… again. I made the mistake of stopping. Baaaaad choice.

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