Mid-Month Motivation

Tomorrow is the halfway mark in our Write-A-Thon, and I thought you might appreciate a gentle shove toward the finish line. Ian McEwan’s video is longer, four minutes and some change, but I loved listening to him ramble on about his study in London, a writer’s dream from the sound of it.

Chris Bohjalian on avoiding writer’s block.

Cheryl Strayed on letting yourself off the hook

Ian McEwan on work ethic

All videos provided by Knopf Doubleday


Have you learned any cool tricks during the write-a-thon or adopted new practices you’d like to share?

I continue to struggle with the same problem I had in November for NaNoWriMo. There are simply not enough hours in the day. I will block off a whole week to do nothing but write, and every time my life seems to get in the way.

Share your good time-management habits! Do you write at the same time everyday?


One thought on “Mid-Month Motivation

  1. I usually get to writing as soon as I read the daily post here in your blog, it’s like a reminder to me. Since I wake up before everyone else, I take advantage of that quiet time, which never lasts too long. Then I write again after lunch for a while. This weekend however (it was a long one with Holidays on Mon and Tue) I was unable to write a single word due to some safety problems in my house. But I try to pick the quiet moments, when everyone else is out, sleeping or busy, I don’t like getting interrupted while my characters are talking to me.

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