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  6. All of the above?

In honor of Valentine’s Day . . .

Join #writerslovefest and spread the love.

Tweet your link using the hashtag #writerslovefest

Like this:

Like me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ashleywfarley #writerslovefest

Keep the love flowing all weekend long!


Isn’t Valentine’s Day the most appropriately romantic day for Hollywood to release the movie version of Nicholas Spark’s Safe Haven?



A paper back copy of Nicolas Spark’s Safe Haven


A $25.00 Visa Gift Card, the cost of admission for two to see the movie

Like me on Facebook, follow my blog,


Tweet at least one share on #writerslovefest

Deadline for entry is 6pm, EST, Saturday, February 16


New Follower, Anne Martin, is the winner of the

For the Love of Chocolate Contest

Chocolate is better than curling up with Downton Abbey in front of a fire.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the comments, check them out here.


5 thoughts on “#writerslovefest

    • That’s it! I followed you on Twitter and I got to visit your really cool website! We have shared the love! I wanted this to be a two-day post in the hopes that the idea would take off. Still hoping!

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