Boost Your Word Count


Remember I said every word you write in February counts?

Take a break from working on your novel, set your timers for fifteen minutes, and write as much as you can about these kids. There is so much going on in this picture you can probably write through two or three fifteen-minute segments. Don’t forget to add your word counts to your total write-a-thon count.

  • Describe their appearance
  • Fabricate personalities to go with their sweet faces
  • Create a story about them
  • Who are their parents?
  • What is interesting about them as a group? As individuals?
  • Where do they live?
  • How did they come to be in this picture?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!


The winner of this week’s #writerslovefest is Emilie Hardie


4 thoughts on “Boost Your Word Count

  1. Look at those smirks. The whole lot of them are about to break out into evil laughter, especially the ringleader in red. They think we haven’t caught on to their plans of world domination, but we know. We know…

  2. I made six fifteen pauses to write about these children… I was surprised at how the story changed with each paragraph I wrote, it almost developed itself. I would love for someone here, Ashley or anyone else to read it and tell me what they think and feel about this. I re-read it today and was surprised at the range of emotions it touched within my own self. My husband read it and said it was surprising too, but he’s not a big reader and he’s too much of a fan of me!! It’s not too long, just 1300 words. Please????

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