Week in Review


As expected, one dozen roses were delivered to my door on Valentine’s Day. What was unexpected was the combination of colors, red and white. Baby steps.

Results of the Getting to Know You survey

1) Where do we live? For the most part we live in North America, although we have representatives from Asia, Europe, and South America

2) Our Writing Experiences— 60% of you are working on your first novels while 40% of us are self-published

3) Genres— Not surprisingly, we write in the same genre we prefer to read. Many of you commented that your novels cross genres. I think that’s the norm these days.

  • 40% in suspense/thrillers
  • 20% in young adult
  • 20% in women’s lit
  • 20% in horror

4) What is your preferred method of reading? 

  • 60% like the Kindle
  • 20% old-fashioned print
  • 20% Nook

5) What social media do you use? (multiple answers allowed)

  • 29% of us are on Twitter
  • 24% Goodreads
  • 24% Facebook
  • 10% Linkedin
  • 5 % Pinterest
  • 5% Google Plus
  • 5% Instagram

Week in Review

Monday—The Language of Flowers

Tuesday—For the Love of Chocolate

Wednesday—Mid-Month Motivation


Friday—Continuation of my abysmal failure: #writerslovefest

Saturday—Boost Your Word Count

Special Guest

You don’t want to miss this! On Monday, February 18, Rochelle Melander, The Write Now! Coach, will not only share her secrets and successes but also give away a copy of Write-A-Thon to one lucky write-a-thoner.


On Wednesday, February 20, we will have a word count check-in, our last before the final stretch toward the finish line. I will also reveal the full list of write-a-thon prizes!

Coming Up Next

When I decided to host this Write-A-Thon, I knew it would be trial and error in finding the right mix of content. In reviewing the past two weeks, I was not surprised to see that you are more interested in discussions about writing. With two more weeks ahead of us, I plan to touch on the processes of editing and publishing. I would love to have your honest feedback. What you like. What you don’t. And suggestions for what you’d like to see in the future.


5 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. I believe you have maintained a proper balance on things, the subjects touched and the discussions proposed were all interesting and, at least from my point of view, they were all learning points. I still haven’t found a single post or comment in this Write-a-thon that I haven’t re-read to make sure I had understood concepts and ideas.

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