Goings and Comings




Chronicles’s guest, Rochelle Melander, brought us the Rock the Write-A-Thon Post. It’s not too late to enter to win a copy of Write-A-Thon. All entries must be received by midnight tonight, Sunday, February 24.

on Wednesday

Weighing In

Our Write-A-Thon participants Weighed-In with their final word counts before proceeding to the home stretch of Chronicles’s Write-A-Thon. Read more about Writing Through Distraction.

on Thursday


We talked about Managing Criticism

on Friday

Neal cropped

We shared our Inspirations for Writing

Saturday’s Post


was all about Editing



To the final week of Chronicles’s Write-A-Thon. Early in the week, we will talk some about self-publishing and the importance of community. On Wednesday, our Write-A-Thoners will email me their final word counts, and on Thursday I will announce our winners.

But wait! Just because the Write-A-Thon is over, doesn’t mean our fun has to end. I’m just getting going, and I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride.


2 thoughts on “Goings and Comings

  1. Then I guess we should all be writing and writing like crazy!!! I can’t believe this write-a-thon has flown by so fast and is nearly over!!! I’m going to miss it so much, I loved having the post every morning and then, after replying to it I’d make myself a cup of tea and sit down to write for an hour. I have made it my routine for February. Unfortunately, March brings work and school-children so it would be harder to maintain this routine… but I’ll make a new one!!!

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