Mark, Get Set, Go

Today is the final day of writing in Chronicles’s First Annual Write-A-Thon. I admire the persistence of the four finalists heading toward the finish line. Allow me to introduce you to them:

Emilie Hardie


There’s well travelled and then there’s just ridiculous. I am very much the later, having lived in three countries on three different continents and visited another 34 countries. It’s no surprise then that I was brought up on a steady diet of airport novels, particularly thrillers thanks to my Dad’s preference for them, as well as an eclectic selection of foreign language works, sometimes even in the original language.

Despite easily skating through school (in two languages) and getting in the top fifth percentile in the university entrance qualifications, I never really knew what I was going to do with my life until my first year of university, when I fell madly in love… with international relations.

Career and love of my life sorted out, I could finally turn my full attention to the activity that consumed the most of my time: writing thrillers. Since then, I have spent my time writing, planning to write, thinking about writing, and reading articles on how to write.

During this write-a-thon, I have pushed the first draft of my first novel to within a chapter of the end, finished a short story prequel to another series that I’m planning and started planning yet another series. I have also been perfecting my planning skills, and now have the plan for no less than seven other novels, which will hopefully be written someday.

I post semi-regularly about writing and thrillers on my blog at and frequently haunt twitter with the handle @EmilieHardie.

Phalia McCorkle-Kester


I am a mother, daughter, wife, singer, and writer.  I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.  This month I have been trying my hand at a NA Dystopian novel.  It has been a fun change for me and really stretched me creatively.  With my journalism background, I tend to write gripping family type things/headline news stories.  It was awesome to be apart of a writing community this month.  It has really kept me focused on this draft and revisions.  I think Ashley may have an annual event on her hands!


The face in the mirror doesn’t match the one Cailynn remembers – and she shouldn’t remember anything.  She has 28 days to figure out why the government did this to her and hopefully keep her face and memories intact.

Rebecca McKeown


Rebecca McKeown grew up in a small Western New York college town, which has inspired many of her fictional settings. A horror junkie, McKeown creates stories about normal people thrown into very abnormal situations. She currently works as a new media specialist and journalist in her hometown. McKeown is also the Editor-in-Chief and founder of The Rampallian literary magazine.

McKeown blogs at and can be found at and During the write-a-thon, McKeown has been working on several short horror stories.

Sue McGarvie


I’m english though I’ve been living in Argentina since a very young age. I love reading, writing, drinking tea and listening to music. I’m 38 years old with a teenage son who drives me nuts 90% of the time. This month I began working on a YA novel called “The Shifting” but about 2 weeks into it, an old character I had worked on when I was in my teens came barging back into my mind and took over leaving no room for the characters from my novel. When I took this new character I thought it would be just a simple short story and then go back to my novel, but it has been holding on to me, so tightly, it’s impossible to let go of her. In the meantime I wrote the Children in the park thing and now I want to write a lot more about that, so I’m trying to ignore it and continue with my old character, but then again, a few days ago I watched The Phantom of the Opera and a short story was born, luckily I finished that in 3 days and, following your advice, I went back to my old character who has many stories to tell. I’m quite sure I won’t finish the story with the write-a-thon, but I will try to continue with my current daily writing schedule and get it done.

My biggest fan and best friend is my husband, who always reads everything I write and always helps me make time to write. My inspiration, other than my grandmother, has always been music and my pets, I always listen to music when writing, specially movie soundtracks which can always make me picture scenes and inspire me.

As for this write-a-thon, I have loved every second of it and hope to be able to keep in touch and learning every day from one another. As a teacher and journalist, one of the things I have always loved, is to learn!

You can find me here:

Ladies, you have until midnight tonight, 12:00 p.m. EST, to email me your final word counts.
Winners will be announced by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday, February 28

4 thoughts on “Mark, Get Set, Go

  1. Nice to meet you Emilie, Rebecca and Phalia!!! I hope we can all stay in touch once this is over. I believe it has been a great experience and has re-enforced our desire to write more and better. Ashley Farley you have done a wonderful thing and I do hope this turns into an annual event… plus, I’d love to stay in touch in the meantime. Whoever wins today, I’m sure will deserve it and I hope will soon be published so I can read and review their novel!!

  2. Hi ladies! It was great to read about you guys and i look forward to haunting your blogs and staying in touch after Feb. Good luck with your writing!

  3. I’d love to stay in touch with you all, I believe we can all help each other and learn from each other. if you wish to stay in touch, my Twitter handle is @Sue__Mc (it’s double underscore)

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