Sunday Best, Week #2


Sunday Best

BEST Social Media News

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BEST Post On Creating Audio Books

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BEST Advice on Editing Your Novel

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 8.02.01 AMBEST Advice on Creating Ending That Rock

BEST Advice from Elementary School Kids

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BEST Advice on Thinking Negatively

Rachelle-Gardner-low-res-for-webBEST Advice on Writing Words that Bang and Boom

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BEST Travel Advice from the Gracious Posse

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BEST Story I heard all week


Write-a-thoner Sue McGarvie shared a wonderful story with me this week. For three hours every Saturday morning, Sue has been volunteering at a second-hand bookstore that belongs to a home for the elderly.

Sue says, “A man came in talking loud about how much he loved books. After some chit-chat, I asked him to lower his voice, and he said he couldn’t. When I asked why, he said if he lowered his voice, all the whispers coming from the books would drown his mind and he’d never be able to leave the store. He said this with a smile, but somehow I think he meant it.


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