Discussion Questions for Saving Ben

Caution: Spoiler Alert

1)    Who was your favorite character and why?

2)    Did you find Emma a sympathetic character in the beginning? If so, at what point did you start to dislike her?

3)    What do you think of Kitty’s father as a husband? Did you find him a pushover in the way he was so willing to forgive his wife her affair?

4)    There are several instances when words are left unspoken. In your mind, what did George say to the congregation when he delivered the eulogy at Abigail’s funeral? What did Blessy tell Kitty’s parents during their meeting in the study?

5)    Kitty has been described, not as a person one would be attracted to in a crowd but as a person one would be proud to stand next to. In your opinion, did she grow stronger over time or did her strength come from her experiences in high school, from the fallout from her mother’s affair.

6)    Did you see the suicide coming at the end? Did it surprise you that George had been contemplating suicide for months instead of an impulsive reaction to his dilemma?

7)    Do you think George has the heart of a killer?


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